Praise for Sherri

From Parents:

“Although our children have had excellent teachers, no one but Sherri has so quickly and accurately understood their needs, both educationally and emotionally. She consistently surprises us by exquisitely articulating their sources of difficulty and having a seemingly inexhaustible set of positive interventions.”

“Sherri was highly recommended by a close friend whose child was a client. She was described as brilliantly capable. I found that description to be totally true. Sherri quickly and accurately identifies a child’s learning needs and style, teaches them not only subject matter but how they learn best, and helps them to see and value their abilities.”

“We are indebted to Sherri for giving our daughter the tools and structure she needed to organize her thoughts and present them in a way that demonstrates her significant intelligence and capabilities.”

“Sherri is utterly dependable and reliable. She has the ability to integrate personality, interests, abilities, experiences, learning, and work styles of each individual…focusing on their strengths. She is steady and balanced: “TOTAL”—all the ingredients you need.”

“There are so many things I like about working with Sherri. I enjoy her acute insight into my son’s learning style and personality. I like how she challenges him and appreciates his sense of humor. I like the business like way she sets up her schedule. I like when my son goes to see her and tells her what he needs to get done that day, they focus the strategies on that subject. It allows my son to take charge of his academic life.”

“Sherri spent time and energy understanding my daughter’s learning challenges and executive function weaknesses. She taught my daughter methods that addressed her challenges and utilized her strengths.”

“Anytime I hear a parent talking about their child’s issues in school, I always mention Sherri Fisher. I feel like she not only can help your child with math or reading or whatever subject, but can also explain why they didn’t get it at school. That is what is so special about Sherri. She knows why your child isn’t learning the subject material, can tell you, and then can make learning happen.”

“I saw positive changes in my daughter’s organizational techniques, study skills and math comprehension. In addition to academic progress, Sherri helped my daughter to overcome anxiety about performing on school tasks.”

“My child goes in grumpy and always comes out with a smile. She gives my child the support and confidence he needs to succeed.”

“Sherri is flexible and very sensitive to individual children’s needs. She was able to be both very challenging and very supportive and she was always very respectful of my children.”

“The changes my daughter experienced were miraculous! As a direct result of working with Sherri, my daughter found a different school, applied to it, and not only is enjoying completely rebuilt self-esteem, she has done so well with her new, excellent organizational and study skills that she is an honors student! This is a huge improvement over last year’s dismal experiences with writing and testing, which were just two areas of major weaknesses.”

“Honestly, Sherri turned our daughter completely around academically. I cannot say enough great things about Sherri! The school said “more effort, more effort.” Sherri identified our daughter’s lack of organizational skills. This impacted her ability to prioritize and often resulted in missing homework. Sherri took my daughter from a struggling C/D student to a confident B student. Today, in grade 11, she is independently on the school honor roll.”

“After several sessions with Sherri over a summer, my son told me that he learned more from Sherri in 2 months than he learned the whole past year as a freshman in high school.

My son was in 3 lower classes as a freshman. This year, as a sophomore, against the recommendations of 3 teachers, I had him placed in all regular classes. On his first report card, he made honor roll. His confidence and his ability to do well in school have both increased.”

“Sherri has taught my son tools to use in order to be successful at school, she has helped him to figure out his positive strengths, and has taught him to use those strengths to be successful beyond school.”

“In one hour’s lesson, our daughter would go from crying to capable. She became a diligent, successful, curious student. She was consistently complimented by her teachers for her work ethic and willingness to seek teacher input when necessary. She learned to adapt the skills taught by Sherri to any subject; whether it be in the humanities, sciences or math. Her GPA, standardized test scores, essays, and teacher evaluations allowed for great success in college acceptances.”

“I have referred Sherri to friends who have kids that are struggling in school. Sherri teaches her students that not everyone learns the same way, and that knowing this is the key to your success, both now and in the future. She helps her students figure out how they learn and how to use their strengths to learn.”

“My son was really a non-reader when he started seeing Sherri. She taught him all about the ABCs as well as the sounds letters made. My son was consistently eager to see her because even he knew he was now learning. I must say the major results in his learning life happened over the summer with Sherri. He was not encumbered by school homework and could concentrate completely on Sherri work. He is now attending a very selective private high school with no accommodations needed except extra time.”

“Sherri knows my daughter so well and gives us all strategies to work with her. She was able to quickly assess my daughter’s strengths, needs, and what would work for her.

Sherri is not a one-size-fits-all coach.”

“Sherri is so professional and knowledgeable. She also made navigating the public school system manageable. I’d recommend Sherri to anyone. I saw such growth and confidence building in my own child!”

“Although she deals with many students, Sherri is tuned into my child’s unique needs and style of learning. She is there for my child.”

“He did not realize it at the time, but my son has become a much better student after working with Sherri. His grades have significantly improved going from just barely passing to B’s. Also he has more self-confidence.”

“I love that Sherri takes everything out of my hands. When my son does not do what is expected, he has to be completely accountable to her.”

“Sherri has a caring yet no-nonsense approach. Her background as a classroom teacher, learning specialist, advocate, and positive education professional create a unique set of skills. Any teacher or student who avails themselves of Sherri’s expertise can most certainly expect to flourish. (…or…any teacher/student who steps into Sherri’s greenhouse of experience can be assured to cultivate strong roots, adaptive foliage, and authentically beautiful flowers.)”

“Thank you for the excellent work you did with my son. He has come a long way. Two weeks ago, he actually made an appointment with the human resources professional at his organization and sat down and spoke to the director for an hour. I had hoped he was going to tell her about his boss holding him back because of his autism. Instead, he told her how much he desired to advance to a full-time position, how much he felt he deserved it, and then showed her a series of his video/editing /special effects work that knocked her right off her chair. She told him he has amazing talent which would be very valuable in their advertising department. He will be switched to an opening in that department and, if it works out, will be offered a full-time position! My son would never have been able to assert himself in this way without your help!!!

My deepest thanks and gratitude!!!”

“Sherri was instrumental in fostering iron confidence in me, an “I can do it” attitude, a strong work ethic, and strong organizational skills. Through my experiences with Sherri, she promoted and demanded free thinking. The bottom line is she will help you get better, make better choices, set and achieve higher goals, by using your powers for good.”

From Professionals:

“Sherri could give a stone confidence. As a member of her incubator group, she helped me transform a lot of ideas into clear action steps to start my business. Most importantly, she taught me to embrace failure as a discernible feedback guide to show me the path to true success.” 

“Sherri is blessed to have an Ivy League education with a Main Street presence that makes her one of a handful of people that are able to coach, teach, guide and help others flourish with synergistic meaningful engagement. Her advice and shared passion for “making the world a better place” has been a priceless asset, both to me personally, and to our nonprofit.” 

“I now have my dream job: I support the change process for other influencers of young people – teachers, students, building leaders, parents and community youth workers. I let them try things out and offer myself as a co-creator in community thriving. With the evidence from the research base, Sherri empowered me to try things out responsibly and reflect on that experience. My work now directly impacts over 100,000 people.”

“Sherri Fisher has an impressive package of skills. Brilliant, kind, funny and very  capable, she can take the neuropsych testing I do and use those results to teach the student how they learn; create a seemingly never-ending collection of positive and practical strategies and approaches that uniquely fit that student; communicate with their parents in ways that calm them and give them hope; and nudge school personnel in ways that harness their strengths, too.”

“Sherri is probably the most gifted educator I know.  She is not only highly resourceful and knowledgeable but able to relate to different emotional needs of her students.”

“Sherri is a visionary. She balances bold, innovative thinking with traditional theory and practice. Her “bag of tricks” is like Mary Poppins’ bag of never ending capacity. Her insight and integrity make her an invaluable colleague as well as a guiding force for the whole school. She is full of ideas, has the energy to see them through, and will enrich and strengthen any place that is lucky enough to get her.”

“Sherri’s creativity shows as she sees in each child a unique learner, and she can program for that student’s unique needs, personality and situation.”

“Sherri Fisher worked with our staff on three occasions. After every visit the consensus was unanimous that it was worth our time. Her strength-based approach and depth of knowledge is highly valued and her insight and ability to problem solve staff related issues is absolutely remarkable!”

“Sherri shows an uncanny ability of being able to tap into the heart of an issue in a non-threatening way.  I always leave her sessions with a new way of thinking about myself and/or a work related challenge which is both uplifting and affirming, and can tap into my own creativity and empathy in more effective ways.”

“Sherri Fisher is engaging, sincere, clear, and professional. We are all better for knowing and working with her. In our boarding school environment we know we do our best for kids when we work well together. Learning to build upon our collective strengths with Sherri’s guidance, we are better able to see opportunities in problem solving and have become a more caring, productive and unified staff in the service of our students.”

“I am an evaluator who works with Sherri, especially with children who have very complicated learning issues and social-emotional needs. I value her judgment and perspectives and consult with her regularly. She is able to quickly assess a situation and also patiently lay out a set of flexible steps on the path to meeting student and family goals.”

“Students I have referred over many years working with Sherri have made significant progress. She is able to engage with students who are defensive and fearful of learning/failure. She is able to empower kids so that they come to enjoy learning in spite of their difficulties.”

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