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Learn & Flourish academic and organizational coaching match distinctive student and family strengths with personalized skills and habits for school and life success.

Our POS-EDGE® model leverages student strengths, creates sustainable motivation and achievement, and results in both happier students and families.

Here’s how: Learn & Flourish is the world’s first learning specialist and coaching provider to apply Positive Education—the embedding of positive psychology research findings into education best practices—to improving the learning, parenting and teaching experience.  These approaches can reduce and even prevent depression and anxiety, increase enjoyment and engagement for school and work, improve curiosity and love of learning, and enhance social skills like empathy, cooperation, assertiveness, and self-control, all of which are correlated with increased academic and professional achievement.

  • The Learn & Flourish approach is flexible and very sensitive to individual children's needs. It allows the work to be both very challenging and very supportive and is very respectful of my children’s differences.
  • I saw positive changes in my daughter's organizational techniques, study skills and math comprehension. In addition to academic progress, the Learn & Flourish approach helped my daughter to overcome anxiety about performing on school tasks.
  • Our Learn & Flourish coach quickly and accurately understood our children’s needs, both educationally and emotionally. She consistently surprised us by exquisitely articulating sources of difficulty and having a seemingly inexhaustible repertoire of positive interventions.
  • Learn and Flourish is a visionary program. It balances bold, innovative thinking with traditional theory and practice. Their “bag of tricks” is like Mary Poppins' bag of never ending capacity. Sherri Fisher has insight and integrity that make her an invaluable colleague as well as a guiding force for our whole school. The Learn and Flourish model is full of ideas, has the energy to see each program through, and will enrich and strengthen any place that is lucky enough to book them.
  • We are indebted to our academic coach at Learn & Flourish for giving our daughter the tools and structure she needed to organize her thoughts and present them in a way that demonstrates her significant intelligence and capabilities.

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