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Students of every age often discover with traditional tutoring that after initial improvements they start struggling again, because their underlying challenges are not addressed. Even study, test prep, and note-taking skills are often not enough. Learn & Flourish uses research-based methods to improve executive functions, self-discipline (which alone can account for 50% of achievement), academic skills, and social-emotional learning. Our POS-EDGE® approach supports each learner, at any age, to unleash his or her full life potential.



Learning specialists assess students’ individual needs beginning with in-depth input from an extensive, holistic records review. We consider professional testing, school reports, personal history and parent input to craft student goals.

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One-to-one sessions focus exclusively on developing students’ executive function capacity, self-regulation and independence. We harness strengths, manage procrastination, improve self-advocacy skills and build positive future stories.

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We embed the POS-EDGE®, social-emotional learning tools that unleash a full range of potential. Students design tangible, personalized plans for success, use data-driven feedback, and make adjustments leading to success.

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