What’s my favorite kind of talk? Being interviewed, especially on a podcast, might be number one. Or maybe it’s facilitating a workshop or a book talk. Those are full of energy and shared learning. I also speak to a variety of in-person and virtual audiences, including parents, students, and professionals, on topics like these:

  • The Effort Myth: How to Give the Three Gifts of Motivation
  • Stop. Switch. Start: How to Move from Procrastinator to Producer
  • Creating Soft Landings: How to Build Psychological Safety
  • Gen-Z: How to Lead the Next Generation
  • From Research Base to Research-based: How to Design Effective Interventions
  • Managing Relationships: How to Cultivate Allies and Mentors
  • Ask Don’t Tell: How to Be a Coaching Parent
  • Three Rules for Adulting™: Managing the Shift to Effective Adulthood

A few of the many places I have presented are below:



Capable and out of the box! with Sherri Fisher

Are you both capable and a little complicated? No problem! Founder & CEO of Learn and Flourish, Sherri Fisher, helps smart people of all ages who have learning, attention, and executive function challenges achieve their goals by trying differently, not harder. Come ride shotgun as we explore the world of ADHD, and how the study of Executive Dysfunction was born.


Containers for Your Thoughts

If you have executive function challenges as an adult, it likely affects what’s most important to you. Find out what it’s like to work with me in this honest conversation about how coaching uncovers the best of you–to yourself.

Overcoming Procrastination to Boost Well-being With Sherri Fisher

All of us procrastinate once in a while, but chronic procrastination creates stress — for ourselves and those around us — and damages our well-being. LiveHappy Now host Paula Felps sits down with coach, author, and speaker Sherri Fisher to learn more about how procrastination affects us and what we can do about it.

  • Why procrastination isn’t just a time management problem.
  • How mindfulness interval training can help overcome procrastination.
  • Self-care tips to help beat procrastination.

A Fresh Look at Procrastination

Tips for Managing the Next Generation

Better Than Fine 33
Better Than Fine 88

Let’s Get Controversial

Whose responsibility is it when kids struggle to learn? “If the student hasn’t learned, the teacher hasn’t taught.” That’s what my teacher mentor Diana King told me when I was first learning to teach kids with dyslexia. What do you believe? Senia Maymin, CEO of SVC mycoach.zone, asks the tough questions in this brief and energizing conversation.

Parenting and Working in Covid-19

How can you deal with children who are acting out? Sherri joins over 30 coaches who meet to give you daily WFH solutions, including ways to: Handle conflicts between children without becoming the judge; manage your own emotions effectively; and ask productive questions to help children find their own solutions.


Play with Sherri Fisher

In this quick, fun video I explore why it’s crazy to believe that everybody the same age needs to learn the same things; why creativity and play belong in everybody’s learning; and why we all deserve to be taught the way that we learn. Find out what I believe and how you and your kids can build problem-solving and learning resources just by playing!

10 Ways to Manage Life’s Stormy Weather (for Parents and Kids)

In this webinar with Sherri Fisher from UPenn/MAPP Strategies to Thrive,  you will learn real-time resilience for our challenging times. Discover what really causes (emotional) stormy weather in your family. Uncover 5 stories that fuel emotion storms, retell those tales, and manage the weather

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