Sherri Fisher speaks to a variety of audiences, live and on video, from international universities, conference delegates and Ivy League undergrads to parents, pediatricians and support professionals. She has spoken at University of Pennsylvania Imagination Institute; VIA Institute on Character; Universidad Iberoamericana/Mexico City Positive Psychology Program; TecMilenio/Monterrey Master of Positive Leadership Program; Canadian Positive Psychology Association; International Positive Psychology Association; UN World Day of Happiness; the Motivated Child Summit; and the International Positive Education Network. 

Here are some of her popular topics:

  • Executive Functions 101: Eight Skills that Promise (or Prevent) Productivity
  • Five P’s for Performance: Positivity. Patterns. Persistence. Proficiency. Practice.
  • From Procrastinator to Producer: Organizing Your Underachiever
  • Marshmallow, Muscle, or Mindset? Managing Self-regulation and The Power of Belief for Motivation and Achievement
  • What’s on Your Playlist? Changing Your Belief Channel to Improve Performance
  • Using Your Powers for Good: Spotting and Managing Character Strengths for Higher Achievement
  • She Pushed My Strengths Buttons! Spotting and Managing Strengths for a Happier Home Front
  • Thriving at College: The 5 Essential Skills Your High School Didn’t Teach You (for parents and high school juniors/seniors, college students).
  • Three Rules for Adulting™: Managing the Shift to Effective Adulthood

Resilience: 10 Ways to Manage Life’s Stormy Weather (for Parents and Kids)

Resilience is both a human capacity (You’ve got this!) and a learnable skill. In this webinar for parents you will learn real-time resilience for our challenging times. Discover what really causes (emotional) stormy weather in your family. Uncover 5 stories that fuel emotion storms. Retell these stories to help kids and parents ride out emotional storms and manage the weather.

What do I believe that others in my field may not?

In this quick, fun video I answer this question with long-time friend and mom Senia Maymin. Find out what I believe and how you and your kids can build these psychological and learning resources just by playing:
  • Problem-solving skills/executive functions/organization
  • Imagination/exploration of specific Interests
  • Social-emotional skills/delaying gratification/cooperation/empathy
  • Positive survival/competition/resilience
  • Positive emotions/joy/engagement/pride