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Executive Function Coaching

Why don’t they just…try harder? At least do the easy things? Questions like this are the basis of the Effort Myth, the belief that more effort is the path to better results. 

Most people with executive function challenges do try harder. But others seem better at avoidance, pushback and meltdowns. These are the signs of executive function burnout, shame, anxiety and anger.

Executive Functions: The System Behind Your Success

The executive function (EF) system in your brain regulates thinking and emotions for appropriate action. It simultaneously monitors ongoing thoughts and feelings to help you stay on track. Executive function skills include the ability to plan ahead, prioritize, stop and start activities, shift from one activity to another, and reflect on progress.

When people have executive function challenges, their learning and work production approaches can become easily overwhelmed. They might struggle at tasks that seem easy for other smart people, jeopardizing school and work goals. Teachers, parents, managers and co-workers may become frustrated with them, too.

Is it just laziness?

Executive function challenges can look like discipline or engagement problems. Difficulties with mental skills and cognitive processes coordinated by executive functions may make capable people appear disorganized or careless. As inconsistent performance increases, the well-meaning and worried parent, educator or work supervisor tries to help by pointing out carelessness.

Executive function “disjunctions”, especially ones complicated by learning and attention factors, are challenging to manage. They often need nudges rather than criticism. The person struggling needs support but may feel incompetent and increasingly sensitive to judgment for mistakes. This tests self-esteem and relationships.

 Learn. Grow. Flourish.

We work with people of every age whose school and work struggles, both recent or the result of a pattern of difficulties, need more than a short-term lift. We will help you become more skilled, resourceful, accomplished and happier.

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Crafted by positive education specialists to uncover a student’s strengths and challenges, this unique tool will reveal underappreciated approaches to success.

Services by Age

Grade School

Reading, writing, and math skills are the foundation of future school success. But they are not enough. Many bright high-potential students, with and without diagnosed ADHD and Learning Disabilities, struggle in Grades K-8. We offer expert learning and executive function development, including:

High School and College

Is it just adolescent behavior? Whether your student’s learning, attention and executive function struggles seem to have begun recently or are part of a pattern of difficulties, we can help. Besides academic skills, we target self-regulation and soft skill development. These two crucial elements of the older adolescent’s executive function skill set are essential for effective self-advocacy: asking questions and seeking help. Need special education advocacy?

Learn & Flourish offers older adolescents:

  • All-area academic skill development
  • “From Procrastinator to Producer” Executive function coaching
  • Self-advocacy skills
  • Comprehensive college application services
  • Essay-in-a Day™
  • Gap year options
  • Social thriving and workplace soft skills

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Crafted by positive education specialists to uncover a student’s strengths and challenges, this unique tool will reveal underappreciated approaches to success.

Young Adults

Are you future-proofed? While academic competence is important, a degree is not enough. As you shift from high school to higher education, it helps to feel purpose in learning beyond getting the grade. Future-proofing for today’s workplace means leveraging learning skills for sustainable motivation, engagement and action. 

Today’s employers want work-ready hires. Some top concerns about new employees are their lack of emotional intelligence soft skills, written language ability, gritty perseverance and critical thinking abilities. To be future-proofed you’ll need to know how you learn, not just what to do. You’ll need to build on foundational skills, resourcefulness and independence–just the things executive functions help you to do. 

Whether you are an individual or an employer, Learn & Flourish is here to help you coach and develop skills, talent and potential. We incorporate POS-EDGE® Model success-science techniques of mental flexibility, optimism, and goal-driven success in every coaching engagement. This internationally recognized approach is the backbone of Sherri Fisher’s books Positive Edge Journal and Unleash Your Epic Self.


Like many attentive parents, you’ve been checking the school portal, keeping up with your student’s daily performance. There it is. You’ve been waiting for this moment. On the page before you is proof that… Read more

Special Education Advocacy

Make school a better match for your K-12 student’s educational and personal growth. Learn & Flourish guides parents through the special education process. Whether your student has an IEP or 504 Plan, is just getting started in the process, or may have previously been found ineligible, we will teach you how to build critical relationships and bridges with your student’s education team so your child can thrive.

Based on a thorough individual case history review, Learn & Flourish will work with you to…

  • Reimagine school-provided testing and recommendations
  • Seek outside evaluations that may help inform/support an IEP or 504
  • Plan for and participate in TEAM meetings with student’s school

We translate learning, social-emotional and neuropsychological issues into opportunities and hope. We…

  • Coach and support parents through the complex challenges of working with school districts and personnel
  • Individualize based on unique features of your student’s home, school, and social-emotional situation
  • Work with your choices of outside providers to coordinate care

Overwhelmed? Advocacy can shape school into a better match for your K-12 student who struggles.

Your Learn & Flourish Advocate

Sherri Fisher MAPP, M.Ed., Director of Learn & Flourish LLC, is a learning specialist, an expert who helps people become more competent and independent by personalizing the way they use their strengths in different contexts. These can include school, home, work and community. Sherri is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) program where she studied with founder Martin Seligman Sherri…

  • Understands the impact of a student’s unique neuropsychological profile on learning and performance across the curriculum and beyond
  • Will advocate for student success beyond skills, for independence, resourcefulness, and true learning
  • Knows how teachers can address skills, content and organization with emotional care and sensitivity
  • Is articulate, creative and patient as well as accurate, efficient and effective in meetings

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