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Executive Function Coaching

The most common advice given to students who struggle is to try harder. When they really do try but are not more successful, we blame them for not trying hard enough! This is the basis of the Effort Myth, the belief that more effort always leads to better results. Trying harder to achieve without a strategic plan is an unsustainable approach. Your student may even have become skilled at avoidance, pushback and meltdowns. These are the behaviors of “executive function burnout”.

The truth is that performance challenges happen because of small disconnects among the executive function skills. Unsuccessful efforts of bright students can begin to feel diminished or even worthless.  Executive function “disjunctions” are challenging to manage. They often need nudges rather than criticism, so the student feels they can do the work with less judgment for mistakes. We can help.

What are the executive functions, and why are they important?

  • The executive function "skill suite" is how the brain manages the ability to organize thinking processes and take action while simultaneously monitoring ongoing thoughts and feelings.
  • These skills include the ability to plan ahead, prioritize, stop and start activities, shift from one activity to another one, and reflect on and monitor one’s own behavior to make incremental adjustments toward a goal.

Does your student have executive function challenges?

Students with executive function needs often have trouble planning ahead, prioritizing, monitoring their own behavior, starting activities, and shifting from one task to another while both staying on track and generating new ideas. The learning and production process–and the student–can become easily overwhelmed.

Executive function challenges can look like discipline problems.  Difficulties with mental skills or cognitive processes needed to accomplish tasks may make students appear disorganized or careless. As inconsistent performance on homework, study and follow-through increases, the well-meaning and worried parent often takes the teacher’s lead and tries to help by pointing out carelessness to the student. A spiral of negative self-worth and resistance can begin, reinforced by discouraging grades.

Unsuccessful efforts of bright students can make them feel ashamed and incompetent. The truth is that performance challenges happen because of small disconnects among the executive function skills.  Executive function disjunctions can be challenging to manage. They often need nudges rather than criticism, with less judgment for mistakes. We can help.

Do you need new solutions for managing student inattention, disorganization, incomplete work, immaturity, or poor skills?

Like any learning support provider, Learn & Flourish teaches academic skills.  These alone are not enough. We work with students of every age whose school struggles, both recent or the result of a pattern of difficulties, need more than the short-term lift that subject tutoring provides. All students can become more skilled, resourceful, accomplished and happier.

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Crafted by positive education specialists to uncover a student’s strengths and challenges, this unique tool will reveal underappreciated approaches to success.

Grade School K-8

Reading, writing, and math skills are the foundation of future school success. But they are not enough. Teachers, especially experienced ones, often have lots of tricks to make classroom instruction more structured and personalized. Just the same, many bright high-potential students struggle in school. If you’re frustrated with the wait-and-see approach to developing skills, we can help with:

  • Orton-Gillingham Reading
  • Written Language
  • Math
  • Organization
  • From Procrastinator to Producer™
  • Social-emotional skills
  • Special Education: Advocacy for IEPs and Section 504 Plans

High School, College and Career Planning

Self-regulation and soft skill development are two crucial elements of the older adolescent’s executive function skill set. Learn & Flourish incorporates POS-EDGE® Model success-science techniques including mental flexibility, optimism, and goal-driven success in every student coaching engagement. Our executive function coaches deeply understand and specialize in teaching you to spot, manage, and activate your personal and academic strengths. Improve management of learning, attention, and organization across subjects and for life.

Is your student future-proofed?

While academic competence is important, a degree is not enough. Future-proofing your student for today’s workplace means leveraging their learning skills for sustainable motivation, engagement and action. As students shift from high school to higher education, they need to feel purpose in learning beyond getting the grade. They need to know how they learn and why, not just what to learn. Today’s employers want work-ready hires. Some of their top concerns about new employees are the lack of emotional intelligence, written language ability, gritty perseverance and critical thinking skills.

The POS-EDGE® Model translates research-based findings from fields including strengths psychology and behavioral economics into personalized into positive, strengths-based strategies for workplace as well as learning challenges. Our research-based tools help both older students and newer grads discover reserves of strengths, effective productivity patterns, and springy resilience for bouncing back when things do not go as planned. Most importantly, they learn the skills to make adjustments that keep them committed to reaching their own goals, even if they change along the way. We guide parents, too. Learn & Flourish success-science techniques support:

  • All-area academic skill development
  • Three Rules for Adulting™ executive coaching
  • Self-advocacy skills
  • Comprehensive college application services
  • Essay-in-a Day™
  • Gap year options
  • Social thriving and workplace soft skills

Special Education Advocacy

Learn & Flourish guides parents through the special education process whether your student has an IEP or 504 Plan, is just getting started in the process, or may have previously been found ineligible. We’ll teach you how to build critical relationships and bridges that get the school team moving forward. We’ll help make school a better match for your K-12 student’s educational and personal growth.

Has your student been evaluated with labels and offered services to treat symptoms but not your real concerns? Based on a thorough individual case history review, Learn & Flourish will work with you to…

  • Reimagine school-provided testing and recommendations
  • Seek outside evaluations that may help inform/support an IEP or 504
  • Plan for and participate in TEAM meetings with student’s school

We have the experience, skill and strategies to translate learning, social-emotional and neuropsychological issues into opportunities and hope. We…

  • Coach and support parents through the complex challenges of working with school districts and personnel
  • Coach your student to spot and use both personal and academic strengths to successfully transform challenge areas with increases in optimism, resilience and grit
  • Individualize approaches based on unique features of your student’s home, school, and social-emotional situation
  • Work with your choices of outside providers to coordinate care
  • Coach and support you through the complex challenge of working with school districts and personnel
  • Address and accommodate the individual needs of your student through the development of IEPs or 504 plans
  • Coach your student to spot and use both personal and academic skills successfully

Overwhelmed? We can make school a better match for your child who is struggling socially, behaviorally, or academically.

Your Learn & Flourish Advocate

Sherri Fisher MAPP, M.Ed., Director of Learn & Flourish LLC, is a learning specialist, an expert who helps you become more competent and independent by personalizing the way you use the strengths you already own. She has studied the social-emotional basis of success for years, and is a graduate of the first University of Pennsylvania Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) class and thus the first learning specialist in the world to have earned this degree. She is a student of Martin Seligman and colleague of the top researchers and practitioners in this field.

  • Understands the impact of a student’s unique profile on learning and performance across the curriculum
  • Will help in the development of a holistic, coherent learning plan that personalizes customized strategies
  • Will advocate for student success by building skills, independence, resourcefulness, and true learning
  • Knows how teachers can address skills, content and organization with emotional care and sensitivity
  • Is articulate, creative and patient as well as accurate, efficient and effective in meetings.

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