Executive Function Coaching

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Executive Function Coaching

We offer expert support for your student of any age with learning, attention and executive function challenges, as well as the reading, writing, and math skills development that are impacted by executive functions. We translate neuropsych testing into actionable strategies, with:

  • All-area academic skill development; Written language; Math
  • Learning disabilities support; Orton-Gillingham reading instruction
  • Social-emotional awareness and skill development
  • Direct services to students of all ages, live in Greater Boston, and remote in the US and internationally
  • Parent coaching, both live and remote

Executive function skills include the ability to plan ahead, prioritize, stop and start activities, shift from one activity to another, and reflect on progress. People with executive function challenges might struggle at tasks that seem easy for other smart people, jeopardizing school and work goals. They can seem better at avoidance, pushback and meltdowns. These are the signs of executive function burnout.

Executive function challenges can also look like discipline problems, disorganization or carelessness. Learning and attention factors can complicate the picture. The person who struggles needs support but can become sensitive to judgment for mistakes.

What are the Executive Functions?

Does your child struggle to… 

  1. Control impulses to stop a behavior (like playing games).
  2. Move/shift/switch from one activity or situation to another (Take steps…maybe literal ones).
  3. Begin an activity or assignment independently.
  4. Regulate emotional responses appropriately to be able to get to work.
  5. Generate ideas and problem-solving strategies then organize and establish a plan/purpose with goals and steps.
  6. Hold information in mind while simultaneously completing a task, learning and storing new information, managing distractions, refining steps of the plan.
  7. Organize and manage physical (and virtual) materials and space, including notebooks, computer files, desk, locker, backpack, bedroom.
  8. Monitor/assess the effectiveness and impact of their own work and social behaviors.

We will teach your child or adolescent to tame executive function burnout; Improve punctuality, performance and consistency;  harness strengths;  manage procrastination; strengthen self advocacy skills; and learn how to learn.

College and Career Planning

Choosing and applying to multiple colleges is complicated. We are here to ease the college choice, application or transfer process, especially for your executive function, attention or learning-challenged student. We want them to be happy and successful in higher ed, just like you do!

When it comes to college applications, picking the right school is more important than picking the best school. We coach students who then discover programs and majors that are a good fit, in ways that meet their interests, learning and future needs. We’ll also teach them to write essays and supplements featuring unique stories that only they can tell.  We help with:

  • College search and match for new freshman and transfer students
  • Choosing majors for pre-professional, business or liberal arts
  • Common App and other application processes
  • Early Action, Early Decision, Regular Decision?
  • Essay-in-a Day™ for the Common App
  • Turnkey service including applications for supplements and scholarships

Career Discovery and Exploration

Graduating soon? Out of school but haven’t found the right career yet? We help you to build the emotional intelligence soft skills, written language ability, gritty perseverance and critical thinking abilities needed for the world of work. Learn POS-EDGE® success-science techniques of mental flexibility, optimism, and goal-driven success. We provide full service working directly with your student or young adult for:

  • Natural ability and strengths assessment
  • Gap year, internship and employment options
  • Creative ways to use a college degree in the 21st century economy
  • Job search process and resources
  • Personal branding, including resume and cover letter

Special Education Advocacy

Advocacy can shape school into a better match for your K-12 student who struggles. Learn & Flourish guides parents of students with learning, attention or executive function challenges through the special education process. Whether your student has an IEP or 504 Plan, is just getting started in the process, or may have previously been found ineligible, we will coach you to build critical relationships and bridges with your student’s education team so your child can thrive.

We leverage years of experience with creative and practical approaches to:

  • Reimagine school-provided testing and recommendations
  • Seek outside evaluations that may help inform/support an IEP or 504
  • Plan for and participate in TEAM meetings with student’s school
  • Coach and support parents through the complex challenges of working with school districts and personnel
  • Individualize based on unique features of your student’s home, school, and social-emotional situation
  • Work with your choices of outside providers to coordinate care

Sherri Fisher MAPP, M.Ed., Director of Learn & Flourish LLC, has over 30 years of experience identifying and personalizing the way clients use their strengths in different contexts. These include school, home, work and community. She translates complex neurodevelopmental and cognitive testing into practical strategies so that clients both excel and thrive. Sherri:

  • Understands the impact of your student’s unique neuropsychological profile on learning and performance across the curriculum, community and world of work
  • Will advocate for student success beyond average-range skills, for independence, resourcefulness, and true learning
  • Knows how teachers can address skills, content and organization with emotional care and sensitivity
  • Is articulate, creative and patient as well as accurate, efficient and effective translating your student’s learning needs, both in appointments and school meetings
  • Includes the student in the solution

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