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Sherri Fisher

As a learning specialist and Positive Education expert, Learn & Flourish Director Sherri Fisher has spent over 30 years unleashing the potential of bright clients who have learning, attention and executive function challenges. Thousands of her student and young adult clients have gone on to flourish in school, work and life. They have become successful professionals, business people, educators and entrepreneurs.

Sherri can uncover your student and young adult’s hidden strengths and success patterns. Her personalized approach integrates the latest research-based soft skills of self-regulation and well-being with best practice learning and skills development. Sherri earned her Master’s Degree in Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, where she studied with the founders of the field. She is an author of several books, a speaker to varied audiences, and the mom of awesome grown children. You and your family will benefit from her unparalleled ability to translate client testing and experience into strengths and research-based action.

Praise for Sherri

Sherri Fisher is your partner in homeschooling and remote learning.

“I just wanted to reach out and say thank you so much for all you did to help our son navigate his way through remote learning. He was really struggling, as were we. It was pretty horrible all around. But everything you said was true; we couldn’t take the emotion out of it, and were therefore terribly ineffective at getting him to where he needed to be. You held him accountable. You empowered him. Once he started working with you, he started asking for help from his teachers, advisors and specialists. He advocated for himself. It was amazing to see. We just received his report card today, and every one of his teachers noted a significant improvement in his effort, attendance, and work. He (and we) couldn’t have done it without you.”

“I have never met a learning specialist/educator with so much knowledge, compassion and drive for doing what is right for students. Sherri is loving and clear at a time when many parents are fraught with anxiety, denial or anger. Parents feel that she understands their student and they trust her to guide them through a potentially daunting experience of referrals, testing and follow through.”


“Sherri was able to create an alliance with our son, with us, and with his teachers that bridged the gap between his school’s holistic teaching style and his need for linear, sequential and structured learning. We maintained a relationship with Sherri throughout his schooling and he now has earned his PhD in physics.”


“Your recommendation to have him tested, guidance for school and social-emotional skills, college choice and application advice— all invaluable. His self-confidence and love of learning have both reemerged, in school and out. He’s playing piano again, reading (for pleasure!!), and headed to his top college pick with a nice merit scholarship.”


“I made it to college only to end up on academic probation. Learning how to use my powers for good when I have always felt that I was barely getting by—that is the secret sauce of life for people like me who struggled for years in school. I’m so glad I met you, Sherri. Belief in myself happened in little steps at a time. But you always believed. I am so grateful for that.”


Meg Fisher

Meg is a licensed special educator available for live and remote sessions. Her students develop a key set of strategies to improve learning and study skills for success. She guides students to spot and apply their personal and academic strengths, resulting in greater self-confidence, personalized organization techniques; improved writing skills and essay structure; better time management, project planning and task execution. Her students improve performance challenges related to:

  • Executive function and ADHD management
  • Language-based learning disabilities
  • Organization, study and test-taking skills
  • Reading decoding (using Orton-Gillingham approach)
  • Written language for all subjects, English skills for literature and content area comprehension
  • Middle and high school math
  • College and university study/writing/research

Meg has taught in private and public schools domestically and internationally, from K-12 to college age; worked as a researcher and editor in the documentary film industry; edited business school textbooks and written their end-of-chapter assessments; and researched for a software firm.  A well-read and well-traveled classroom teacher, student, and researcher with rich background knowledge on many topics, Meg holds a MEd in Moderate Needs Special Education and a Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology from The Flourishing Center in New York.

Our Clients

We help parents who are on the journey of discovering their child’s or adolescent’s learning profile. You’ll learn what’s behind sometimes mystifying behaviors and develop personalized strengths-spotting skills. We’ll work together toward a happier and more independent student–yours! Our client families are located in the US and internationally. We see them both live and remotely.

We work with parents and their child, adolescent or young adult who:

  • Has a diagnosed learning, attention or executive function challenge.
  • Misses or has trouble following directions/forgets what to do.
  • Moves from task to task, or looks for distractions but doesn’t complete the original task.
  • Mixes up assignments/forgets to bring home books or handouts needed to complete work.
  • Struggles to initiate multi-part or less structured assignments such as studying or writing.
  • Blames the teacher or circumstances when grades don’t reflect how hard they think they worked.
  • Tantrums or lies about school-related things that appear fairly minor and manageable to you or others.
  • Melts down instead of self-advocating by expressing feelings, frustrations and needs.
  • Struggles to seek and use feedback like grades and comments as a tool for improvement.

How We Work

Most clients come to Learn & Flourish by personal or professional referral. We ask clients to share documents and history that will inform our thorough, holistic, data-informed approach. This may include:

  • Medical Testing and diagnoses: neurological, ADHD, etc.
  • Educational Testing: from school system and private providers
  • Special Education: Evaluations, referrals, findings, IEP’s; 504’s.
  • Report cards and progress notes, including IEP Progress Reports.
  • Relevant teacher communication (but not the entire record of emails)
  • Neuropsychological evaluations and full reports, (not just executive summary or recommendations).
  • Other testing speech language, occupational therapy, audiology, etc.
  • Parent statement including the “life” history of concerns and your goals for your child’s future. Who has physical and legal custody of this child? Include them in the parent statement.
  • If your child is old enough (you decide together) a student may write/dictate to you or computer to tell their own story and goals.
  • Relevant legal findings (Special Education Appeals, Guardianship…)

We value your privacy and maintain confidential records. We do not share your information in any form without a signed release. For your child over 18, we may include you in shared decision-making at your child’s request, in writing.

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