I’m Sherri Fisher: Coach, Author and Speaker.
This may be the most important thing I have learned from decades of work with smart, creative, capable people:


What Are the Executive Functions?

Executive function skills include the ability to plan ahead, prioritize, stop and start activities, shift from one activity to another, and reflect on progress. People with executive function challenges might struggle at tasks that seem easy for other smart people, jeopardizing school now and college or work goals in the future. They can seem better at avoidance, pushback, and meltdowns. These are the signs of executive function burnout.

Do you (or someone you care about) struggle to…

  1. Stop present behavior to make attention mindfully available
  2. Switch attention smoothly from step to step, in the background, without getting stuck or off track
  3. Start an activity by using clear steps for achieving a goal
  4. Regulate thoughts and emotions by using effective strategies and resilient thinking
  5. Generate ideas and establish steps to organize and establish a plan with purposeful goals and steps
  6. Hold information in mind while simultaneously completing a task, learning and storing new information, managing distractions, refining steps of the plan
  7. Organize and manage resources including physical (and virtual) materials, notebooks, computer files, desk, backpack, living space, and workspace
  8. Assess, monitor, adjust work and social behaviors to improve work outcomes

Executive function challenges can also look like discipline problems, disorganization, or carelessness. Learning and attention factors can complicate the picture. The person who struggles needs support but can become sensitive to judgment for mistakes. They don’t necessarily outgrow these challenges.


Let’s uncover the gifts of greater motivation and focus that can help decrease your procrastination. You can improve your competence, make more effective choices, and gain self-direction with me.

How do I know I can help?

  • My work with clients has helped launch thousands of successful college and graduate students, professionals, and solopreneurs who are equipped with the tools they need to function at their best.
  • More than half of the people I help return at a different stage in their life. Clients refer their friends and family. They encourage colleagues to work with me.
  • I’ve broken most of the “rules” about learning and working, by helping people who naturally do things differently be successful in their own way. If I don’t yet have a strategy you need, I can create one just for you.

Learn. Grow. Flourish

I have a track record of successfully helping to unleash the true potential of bright clients of all ages, especially those who have learning, attention, and executive function challenges. Despite their challenges, they go on to higher education, graduate programs, and professional schools.

Your non-academic strengths, personal processing style, and ability to continue to learn for a lifetime can be developed. Together, these abilities have value far beyond school subjects. That’s priceless, since about 80% of your lifetime is spent outside of formal education!

Our work together can help you:

  • Personalize work approaches. Learn better and live better
  • Challenge barrier thoughts. Make the possible probable
  • Take sustainable action. Turn the impossible into likely

Your strengths are wellsprings of future happiness, engagement, and success.

My unique background blends specialized teaching and learning skills with evidence-based, emotionally sound motivational approaches. I’m a learner, too. As an early adopter, I earned my Master’s Degree in Positive Psychology (MAPP) at the University of Pennsylvania the first year the program was offered. I studied with the visionary pioneering founders of the field. I’m active in the Positive Psychology professional community and have been re-elected to a seat on the Alumni Board of UPenn MAPP several times.

As a recognized leader and mentor in my field, I keep up-to-date with research and professional trends. I’m a member of multiple mastermind groups, writer and facilitator for writer’s workshops, enthusiastic reader, and professional conference attendee. An author of several books, I also speak to varied audiences, am an inquisitive traveler, mom of awesome grown children, and loving owner of numerous amazing dogs.


What do people say about me?

  • “Sherri is utterly dependable and reliable. She has the ability to integrate personality, interests, abilities, experiences, learning, and work styles of each individual…focusing on their strengths. She is steady and balanced: “TOTAL”—all the ingredients you need.”

    Financial Services
  • “Sherri could give a stone confidence. As a member of her incubator group, she helped me transform an overwhelming number of ideas into clear, executable action steps to start my business. Most importantly, she taught me to embrace failure as a discernible feedback guide to show me the path to true success.”

    Health Care
  • “I now have my dream job: I support the change process for other influencers of young people – teachers, students, building leaders, parents and community youth workers as a co-creator in community thriving. With evidence from the research base, Sherri empowered me to try things out responsibly and reflect on that experience. My work now directly impacts over 100,000 people.” 

    Community Partnerships Leader
  • “Sherri is a visionary. She balances bold, innovative thinking with traditional theory and practice. Her “bag of tricks” is like Mary Poppins’ bag of never ending capacity. She is full of ideas, has the energy to see them through, and will enrich and strengthen any place that is lucky enough to get her.”

    Department Leader
    Education Research
  • “Thank you for the excellent work you did with my son. He has come a long way. He actually made an appointment with HR and spoke to the director for an hour. I had hoped he was going to talk about being held back because of his autism. Instead, he said how much he desired to advance to a full-time position, how much he felt he deserved it, and showed her a series of his video/editing /special effects work that knocked her right off her chair. She told him he has amazing talent which would be very valuable in their advertising department. My son would never have been able to assert himself in this way without your help, Sherri.”

    Neurodivergent Young Adult
  • “You were the first one to recognize I was intelligent and just worked differently. Most importantly, you realized that the way I worked was the way I should KEEP doing things. It makes life a lot easier to have that perspective!! I now consider my ability to do things as I design life in a way that works with those existing strengths. Thank you for that!”

    Community Well-Being Practitioner
    Health Care
  • “Sherri Fisher worked with our staff on three occasions. After every visit the consensus was unanimous that it was worth our time. Her strength-based approach and depth of knowledge is highly valued and her insight and ability to problem-solve staff-related issues is absolutely remarkable!”

    Leadership Team Chair
    Boarding School
  • “Sherri shows an uncanny ability of being able to tap into the heart of an issue in a non-threatening way. I always leave her sessions with a new way of thinking about myself and/or a work related challenge which is both uplifting and affirming, and can tap into my own creativity and empathy in more effective ways.”

    Personal Development Coach
  • “Sherri Fisher is engaging, sincere, clear, and professional. We are all better for knowing and working with her. Learning to build upon our collective strengths with Sherri’s guidance, we are better able to see opportunities in problem solving and have become a more caring, productive, and unified staff.”

    Head of School
    Secondary Education
  • “Sherri Fisher has an impressive package of skills. Brilliant, kind, funny, and very capable, she can take the neuropsych testing I do and use those results to teach a student how they learn; create a seemingly never-ending collection of positive and practical strategies and approaches that uniquely fit that student; communicate in ways that calm them and give them hope; and nudge educators in ways that harness their strengths, too.”

    Clinical Neuropsychologist
    Private Practice

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