A Message From Sherri Fisher

Every school-aged, adolescent or young adult with learning, attention or executive function challenges has strengths that school and college do not measure, leverage or develop. Uncovering and developing those student and family strengths is my passion.

In my work with thousands of clients, I have found that it is not because students aren’t trying hard enough or consistently enough, even though that’s what report card comments may say. Low effort and inconsistency are symptoms of struggle. Solving the underlying problems needs more than reminders, criticism, and consequences.

Most academic support focuses on “accessing the curriculum” by getting students to do their schoolwork and improve grades. Instead, for students with learning, attention or executive function struggles, the “more effort“ approach can mask strengths and belief in their own abilities, decrease their love of learning, and lead to anxiety through the fear of not measuring up. For these students grades are not an indicator of ability or effort.


I’m Sherri Fisher, and I have spent over 30 years helping to unleash the true potential of bright clients of all ages, especially those who have learning, attention and executive function challenges. My unique background blends specialized teaching and learning skills with research-based, emotionally sound motivational approaches.

Yes, I have taught in schools and founded programs to support struggling learners. However, I am most energized by uncovering individual clients’ hidden strengths and coaching students and parents to unleash those abilities. These strengths are wellsprings of future happiness, engagement and success, in school, work and life. 

My clients go on to higher education, graduate and professional schools. They experience life and career success. You or your child can, too.

Why work with me? Everyone’s non-academic strengths, personal processing style, and ability to continue to learn for a lifetime can be developed. Together these abilities have value far beyond school subjects. That’s priceless, since about 80% of your lifetime is spent outside of formal education!

Teaching was supposed to be my “temporary” career. Instead, my students and their families inspired me with their resilience and wowed me with their creativity. Quickly I felt called to help students and families thrive.  I became not only a learning specialist but also the first one to apply Positive Psychology social-emotional research for challenged learners and their families.


What is Positive Psychology?

Positive Psychology is the scientific study of what helps people to thrive in relationships, life and work, even though life can offer up so many challenges. That includes school for kids and parenting for adults.  In my books and practice I call this the POS-EDGE®:

P ositivity (Happiness)
O ptimism and Resilience (Accurate Thinking)
S trengths (Character)
E motional Intelligence (Self-awareness; Relationships)
D ecision-Making and Change (Self-regulation; Habits)
G oal-setting, Grit and Growth Mindset (Goal-directed Behavior and Self-belief)
E ngagement and Exercise (Embodied Thriving; Mindfulness)

I earned my Master’s Degree in Positive Psychology (MAPP) at the University of Pennsylvania, where I studied with the founders and other pioneering practitioners of the field. I went on to author or co-author several books and 50+ articles and countless blog features. I continue to speak to varied audiences and have volunteered over five hundred hours as coach to an Australian trailblazer in community-based positive education. My live and virtual clients have spanned five continents.

Whether you choose student, parenting, or combined coaching; college and career planning; or special education advocacy, my personalized approach integrates the latest research-based soft skills of self-regulation and well-being with best-practice learn-to-learn and skills development I have honed over my expansive career. 

I offer you and your family my unparalleled ability to uncover, imagine, and design a completely individualized strengths-based approach to school, work, and life. I also have an outstanding network of professionals to support our work together.