How to Get Your Kid to (Not) Try Harder

When I was growing up, dinner was my least favorite time of day.  First, there were the five very explicit rules. You will be in your seat, quiet and ready to eat at 5 pm. You will not complain or ask for something else. No dessert if you are not done when the adults are....
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How to Get Your Kid (Not) to Practice

When our son was in first grade, he wanted to take guitar lessons. We asked around and found a professional musician-teacher who was highly recommended by his school and by other parents. We bought a beginner’s guitar for a child’s small hands. We found a time that worked for the teacher and for us.  We...
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Why Telling Your Child to Feel Proud of Their Work Can Backfire

Let’s set the scene. Like many super-involved parents, you’ve been checking the school portal, keeping up with your child’s daily performance. There it is. You’ve been waiting for this moment. On the page before you is proof that your kid can be a high achiever. It’s a big jump in the English grade! You may be...
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