New e-Retailers for The Effort Myth, World-Wide

What’s one way to give something truly valuable to your friends and loved ones who are far away? You now have nine ways to have The Effort Myth: How to Give Your Child the Three Gifts of Motivation delivered right to their device! The Effort Myth: How to Give Your Child the Three Gifts of Motivation...
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How to Get Your Kid to (Not) Try Harder

When I was growing up, dinner was my least favorite time of day.  First, there were the five very explicit rules. You will be in your seat, quiet and ready to eat at 5 pm. You will not complain or ask for something else. No dessert if you are not done when the adults are....
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For Small Wins, Think Bigger Picture

If you’re like me, when faced with the ill-defined obstacle of “all of the stuff that needs to get done,” it’s very tempting to immediately launch into action. But any sports team knows better than to attack blindly; you need a savvy strategy to succeed. A champion squad would never enter the arena without a...
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Why Your Friends Who Meditate Are Better at These Things

Are you presently satisfied with your life? Most people say they are. You probably would like to be more than just satisfied, though. It’s kind of meh. Actual positive emotions have great benefits beyond happiness. They broaden attention and thinking (great for managing attention) encourage higher-level and creative thinking (great for problem-solving) build cognitive, social,...
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Lazy, Uncooperative, or Executive Function Challenged?

Just because your middle or high school student Misses or has trouble following directions/forgets what to do. Tantrums about things that appear fairly minor and manageable to you. Melts down instead of expressing feelings and frustrations. Moves from task to task, or looks for distractions but doesn’t complete the original task. Mixes up assignments/forgets to...
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Be Your Best Bird: Larks & Owls

If you want to make the most of your productive energy each day, you need to know if you are a lark or an owl. Maybe you are a lark – They tend to wake early and their energy is decidedly highest in the morning. Owls on the other hand feel most alive and productive...
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