NEW! Unleash Your Epic Self: 35 Practices
for Busting the Effort Myth

By Sherri W. Fisher


Learning to manage well-being and work habits is as fundamental to life success as knowing how to read, write, and solve problems. To make improvements, of course, some effort is necessary. However, trying harder can become exhausting and discouraging. Here is a better way!

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    Did you know that it’s not how hard you try that leads to success? It’s HOW you try harder that matters most.

Based on decades of well-being and productivity research, this newly updated workbook edition of Unleash Your Epic Self helps adolescents and young adults establish resilience and self-direction skills while also nurturing strengths, relationships, and habits to support school, work, and life goals.

Inside you’ll find seven well-being and productivity sections. Each one guides you through five easy-to-accomplish weekly practices—35 in all. Use the practices alone or with a group. Each section also has space to reflect on and extend your learning.

Start boosting your focus and busting the effort myth today.

  • Mindfully notice what is going well, even when some things are not
  • Respond to challenges with more resilient thinking, and less sadness and worry
  • Spot, manage, and develop your strengths for success
  • Strengthen your self-advocacy and relationship skills
  • Build self-regulation and perseverance capacity
  • Set goals and handle the challenges of procrastination
  • Move toward the future you deserve with more calm, flow, and self-direction

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