How to Get Students to Self-Advocate

One of the things parents and teachers both ask about is the student who does not self-advocate. To the adults, it does not seem to make sense that a struggling or confused student would not reach out. The student may need your guidance to access help. ________________ When was the last time you had to...
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New e-Retailers for The Effort Myth, World-Wide

What’s one way to give something truly valuable to your friends and loved ones who are far away? You now have nine ways to have The Effort Myth: How to Give Your Child the Three Gifts of Motivation delivered right to their device! The Effort Myth: How to Give Your Child the Three Gifts of Motivation...
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Got The Effort Myth? Get Your Workbooks

No one should have to suffer to be an effective learner. Often, children would try harder if they only knew how. Fortunately, you are a key person in any child’s life-long learning. It can be easy to see lack of motivation as a child’s own problem to fix. The truth is that students depend on...
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Becoming Future-proof

The goal of education is to produce lifelong learners.  In an age of globalization, outsourcing and job creation and elimination, this is quite a task.  Moreover, changes we make to education today may take years to manifest in the world of adult workers.  To become future-proofed, educators must guide students to: synthesize information by learning...
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Unleash Your Epic Self: Soft Skills in Your Hand

You’ve heard of soft skills. They are part of the hidden curriculum that includes interpersonal communication abilities like showing empathy, compassion, and conflict resolution skills, as well as demonstrating emotional self-awareness, self-regulation, perseverance, and creative, independent problem-solving. At school, work and life, we depend on soft skills. I’ve spent my career working with people who have tried and struggled to build self-regulation and...
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