Savoring and Reflection: How I Found New Goodness in an Old Year

Sometimes we are so busy that we don’t stop to appreciate the goodness in our activities or feel grateful for the people in our lives. This can happen to anyone. It happened to me even though I am trained to know better! In January this year, I was feeling stuck and a bit bored. It was cold...
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The Art of Distractibility, Part III: Fortify with Good Thoughts

I wake up, an underslept mess because I was tossing and turning all night, pestered by regrets and worries. The morning starts in a confused fog of bad feelings and muddy thinking. I’m sullen towards everyone I see, and I’m angry at myself. I want to get things done! I want to get along with...
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The Art of Distractibility, Part II: Turn Towards Positive Thoughts

It’s my birthday. My friends serenade me as my mom brings out the birthday cake, the candles glowing. I’m about to blow them out and make a wish when the negativity hits. My birthday will be over soon, and then it’s back to chores and assignments. What if I don’t get what I wish for?...
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How to Be Great at Relating, #2: Share Your Successes Graciously

What do you do when you really want to share a personal achievement with someone but there’s a conflict? It can greatly intensify our pleasure and satisfaction to celebrate a success with someone else. How can you enjoy that, without appearing arrogant or off-putting? In our first How to Be Great at Relating blogpost, Carlos...
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What Is Positive Education?

Learning is challenging, especially for students with attention, organization and special learning needs. It’s not about happiness all the time. Positive Education doesn’t mean that you will be happy the whole time that you are learning, either. Instead, it is the scientific study and application of research findings from Positive Psychology and other related areas to education...
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