Happy Project India Interview Introduces The Effort Myth

Please enjoy and share this In-depth interview with Dr. Sandip Roy of the Happy Project India.

We talk about how to break away from the myth that learners must work hard to achieve success, and I share how parents can build emotional safety for a learner, even when they cannot yield to their student’s wishes. The interview is a great intro to my book, The Effort Myth: How to Give Your Child the Three Gifts of Motivation.

The book explores the three primary gifts (competence, choices, and self-direction) that parents can give their children to help them become independent, lifelong learners. 

Be sure to download your free workbooks to help you give those gifts!

Three Gifts


About the author

Sherri Fisher, MEd, MAPP, executive coach and learning specialist, uncovers client motivation and focus for perseverance. She has decades of successful experience working with students, parents, and professionals who face learning, attention, and executive function challenges at school, home, and work.

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