Mind the Gap Year: We’ll Keep You on the College Track!

Hello, Parent of a High School Senior! This post is for you!

Especially if your child has a history of school challenges, we can translate your child’s struggle into strengths and opportunities that are just what a college or university is looking for.

During the first year of the COVID pandemic, uncertainty ruled the college application process.

  • Would there even be college as we thought we knew it?
  • How could students explain away COVID-panic?
  • What would “pass-fail” mean to admissions officers?
  • What if we parents couldn’t depend on our employer to bring us back after a furlough?
  • Was our entire job category disappearing?
  • Even with financial aid could we afford it?
  • And yikes! Why pay money we had for an education that might be all remote after we had just learned how much fun homeschooling was?
  • Wouldn’t it just be easier–and maybe smarter–to wait it out?

It turns out that many people did just that and now they are struggling to get back on the college track. The college-bound fall into roughly four categories:

  • Applied/Accepted/Attending. Congratulations!
  • Applied/Accepted/Deferred their entry to Fall 2021/Stay focused on priorities!
  • Gap Year/Missed Fall 2021 deadlines/Not too late to apply for Spring 2022!
  • Juniors now/Need to make college picks Spring 2021/Get essays written this summer for Early Action or Early Decision application dates. Every application (even the CommonApp) is a little bit different for each college or university.

What are your target schools? Did you know that many students apply to ten or more?? Learn & Flourish can help your student with turnkey service throughout the college application process.

It’s not how hard you try; it’s HOW you try hard. Let’s get started!


“Your recommendation to have him tested, guidance for school and social-emotional skills, college choice and application advice— all invaluable. His self-confidence and love of learning have both reemerged, in school and out. He’s playing piano again, reading (for pleasure!!), and headed to his top college pick with a nice merit scholarship.”

About the author

Sherri Fisher, MEd, MAPP, executive coach and learning specialist, uncovers client motivation and focus for perseverance. She has decades of successful experience working with students, parents, and professionals who face learning, attention, and executive function challenges at school, home, and work.

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