Positive Education

Progress: Is Your School District Just Using the “Good Enough” Standard?

Apparently not all school districts use the same standards in determining the benefit of the education they provide. While practically this should come as no surprise, given the vast differences in available resources among districts, it may surprise you to know this:  Special education law has been interpreted by the US Court of Appeals to...
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Why You Need to Shine the Light on Your Star Quality

Do you remember the last time people praised you for doing a great job, but all you could think about were the things you could have done better? Because our brains are hardwired to see and solve problems, it’s normal and natural for us to gravitate towards the negative. When stuck in self-critic mode, though,...
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Say Thanks Like You Mean It

When you were a child, how many times did someone encourage you to say “Thank you?” Though it may feel like heckling, consistently encouraging your kids to express thanks is key to building a life-long practice of gratitude. Gratitude-building starts early. Very young children learn that people appreciate socially desired behaviors and this makes kids...
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What Is Positive Education?

Learning is challenging, especially for students with attention, organization and special learning needs. It’s not about happiness all the time. Positive Education doesn’t mean that you will be happy the whole time that you are learning, either. Instead, it is the scientific study and application of research findings from Positive Psychology and other related areas to education...
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