Dare to Enjoy: Build These 4 Practical Skills While Having Fun!

What are you doing for self-help during this crazy time? Maybe it’s eating healthier, finding regular sleep rhythms or getting outside more.

Brene Brown challenges us to “Dare greatly.” Elizabeth Gilbert entreats us to: “Be the weirdo who dares to enjoy.” But it doesn’t have to be weird or dangerous to have fun, and it builds valuable social-emotional and practical skills. You can play! The kind of play I am talking about is:


  • Not assigned/time bound/externally labeled or evaluated
  • Provides a failure-free/”choice” zone
  • Participation is not explicitly required

Lets you/your kids agree to or make at least some of the rules:

  • Can use existing sports, cards, games and ones you make up
  • Allows changes to explore new ways of playing
  • Reflects on and compares the old and new ways

Is its own reward:

  • Allows spontaneity, imagination, exploration and discovery, even within structure
  • Is experimental: Things that don’t work stimulate trying again (“Deliberate Practice”)
  • Leads to “Flow”
  • Builds “Growth Mindset” thinking

 It builds resources just by playing:

  • Encourages problem-solving skills/executive function skills/organization
  • Stimulates imagination and exploration of specific interests
  • Challenges (in a good way!) social-emotional skills: delaying gratification/cooperation/empathy
  • Champions positive survival: competition, resilience
  • Broadens and builds positive emotions: joy, interest, engagement, pride!

I talk with Senia Maymin, CEO of Silicon Valley Change Executive Coaching, about Play on her daily video podcast below. See more @mycoach.zone

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