You Made The Effort Myth a Best Seller! 

When I set out to write The Effort Myth, How to Give Your Child the Three Gifts of Motivation, I had a title. In fact, I’d been thinking about writing this book for over 30 years. Last December I just decided to write it. I did not expect what happened this week.
Here are some of the things people have said about The Effort Myth in early reviews:
  • An absolute gem of a book for any parent
  • Full of practical and actionable tips, strategies, questions, and insights along with excellent anecdotes and real-life stories to illustrate key concepts
  • Written with clarity, compassion, empathy, and wisdom
  • Draws on decades of experience helping kids (and parents) successfully navigate the learning journey
  • The best, most helpful book on parenting I’ve read. It’s a must-read for every parent—and every teacher
  • An alternative and fresh perspective and an encouraging, experimental tone
  • A paradigm shift in every chapter
  • Provides an actual framework for developing emotional intelligence, executive function, and resilience skills that are the core foundation of success frameworks for school, business, and life, really, regardless of how an individual defines success
Because of your enthusiastic support, this message is being heard by more people than ever!
I want to invite you to the Book Gifts page where you can download two free workbooks to accompany your copy of The Effort Myth. There are over 40 pages of printable worksheets, checklists, and activities to support giving the Three Gifts of Motivation. Get yours here.
Three Gifts
About the author

Sherri Fisher, MEd, MAPP, executive coach and learning specialist, uncovers client motivation and focus for perseverance. She has decades of successful experience working with students, parents, and professionals who face learning, attention, and executive function challenges at school, home, and work.

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