Flourish Through Parenting Challenges With Your 5 Superpowers

Whether your student needs more focus, organization or skills, we can help you leverage strengths to meet challenges.

  1. Perspective–Take the long view. Learn how most high-risk children display resilience and develop into normal, happy adults.
  2. Authenticity–Be honest with yourself. Were you always a perfectly behaved and motivated student? Parents tell us that the bumps along their way have positively contributed to who they are today. About your own student ask, “So what’s good about that?”
  3. Forgiveness–Forgive and repeat.  Even the most virtuous of us commit transgressions. Are you “guilting” yourself? You owe yourself an honest self-appraisal and self-forgiveness. You’ll be a more realistic and happier parent.
  4. Love–Resist the temptation to compare your kids to each other. Compare and despair. Your kids are already doing this themselves! Help your kids to get along and value each other by not holding up one or the other as a paragon. Why can’t they be more like the other one? Because they are themselves. Recognize what’s good about that.
  5. Modesty–Get help if you aren’t the one to do it. Know when you are winning the battle but losing the war. Most teachers offer after school extra help and schools have students who offer community service hours in the form of free tutoring. If those are not enough, you may need an outside expert. We can help you find the right kind of support.
About the author

Sherri Fisher, MEd, MAPP, executive coach and learning specialist, uncovers client motivation and focus for perseverance. She has decades of successful experience working with students, parents, and professionals who face learning, attention, and executive function challenges at school, home, and work.

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